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Ensure privacy cleaner can be turned OFF

Not everyone wants to delete their history of what websites they have visited recently. Many of us want to specifically KEEP a record. But when you set the programme to PC Checkup, it will not allow you to opt out of deleting records, if you want to check and eliminate other things like "Useless files" and "Invalid registry entries". There is a separate "Privacy Protector" section, but that is all the things you may not want deleted! And if you click those off there, unfortunately you will still find the records get deleted under PC Checkup!

Tranmontane , 18.01.2016, 11:25
Idea status: under consideration


xilolee, 18.01.2016, 19:53
You can already do that in --> custom, settings, custom checkup
xilolee, 18.01.2016, 19:56
You can already do that.
In custom, settings, custom checkup, you can deselect the entries you don't want to be found during a pc checkup, hence your preferred items won't be searched, nor will be deleted.

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